Project evaluations and retrospectives

One of the most important skills which your teams should master is project evaluations. This is the place where we have time to look back and reflect, to extract knowledge, go through lessons learned, find ways to improve our collaboration.

Most of organizations do not use retrospectives as they usually happen once at the end of the project, and in best case go into project office archive where they die immediately.

In this workshop I will teach your team a better way of doing the retrospectives. We will cover:

  • what is a retrospective
  • retrospective prime directive
  • working agreements
  • retrospective focus
  • real life exercises to try doing a retrospective


If you became interested in the topic above and want to discuss it more in details, or simply want more information on the topic, you can

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I’d like to thank you very much for being an inspiration about Scrum and agile methods. The approach and attitude you presented in Krakow was great.

Grzegorz Kałucki
Krakow, Poland

Thank you very much for teaching us to do retrospectives. You can not imagine how different our team has become and we are not stopping here.

Håkon Hansen
Oslo, Norway