Certified Scrum Product Owner

Attending this course will enable you to understand the product owner role in depth and learn the practices necessary to succeed as a product owner. This includes the product owner duties, the role's authority, and its interaction with the other Scrum roles and stakeholders such as customers, users, sales, marketing, and management. You will understand how product planning, product discovery and product definition work in Scrum including taking advantage of early customer feedback and emergent requirements. The course also teaches you how to turn a product vision into a successful product by forecasting the project progress, grooming the product backlog, and effectively collaborating with the ScrumMaster and team in the sprint meetings.

You Will Learn

  • Why scrum and what are the benefits
  • How to create Product Vision
  • How to create product backlog and groom it
  • How to create good user stories
  • Learn story mapping
  • Innovative techniques for prioritizing the product backlog
  • How to predict the delivery date of a product (or the features that will be complete by a given date) using velocity
  • Planning of iteration, release, portfolio
  • Estimation
  • How to successfully scale the role of the product owner



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I’d like to thank you very much for being an inspiration about Scrum and agile methods. The approach and attitude you presented in Krakow was great.

Grzegorz Kałucki
Krakow, Poland

Thank you very much for teaching us to do retrospectives. You can not imagine how different our team has become and we are not stopping here.

Håkon Hansen
Oslo, Norway